FotoKonbit is a non-profit organization that teaches photography to youth and adults in Haiti. FotoKonbit students use photography to explore and represent their lives, ideas and communities. Some students use photography to earn a living.  

FotoKonbit provides photographic and computer training and helps students use photography to pay for their education. 

FotoKonbit was founded in 2010 by a group of Haitian and American photographers, artists and educators. We have worked with over one hundred students from nine different communities and we are currently working in five communities; a group of adults in the southern agricultural town of Camp Perrin, adults in the fishing village of Labadie, children in the cities of Jacmel and Cap Haitien and we teach a weekly photography classes at the Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince. 

Each group we work with is different. The group of adults in Camp Perrin started a photography club that we were able to get some digital cameras donated to. The members of the photography club can check out the cameras to use for artistic or commercial purposes. In 2011 we were able to bring one of the members of this group (who had never left Haiti) to the Dominican Republic and photographs of his experience were exhibited in Santo Domingo. 


In 2011 we began working with a group of ten men and women from the fishing village of Labadie which is very close to Haiti's only cruise port, in the north of Haiti. The participants of this group have been documenting their lives, community and some surrounding historical locations and are now able to sell the images they have produced as gift cards to tourists at the Labadie resort. 

We also work with groups of children in the cities of Jacmel and Cap Haitien. With both of these groups the children have photographed historic sites and architecture, learned about the history of their towns and documented their communities. We are selling prints made by both the Jacmel and Cap Haitien groups to create school funds for the children. 

FotoKonbit has had exhibitions in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Cap Haitian, Camp Perrin, Miami, Surenes, France, New Jersey and Houston and we have a permanent exhibition wall at the Port-au-Prince airport and in 2013 FotoKonbit was awarded the Howard Chapnick Grant.  

In 2014 FotoKonbit student’s where features in the National Geographic issue Dec 2015: Haiti on it’s own terms.  


In 2016 FotoKonbit partnered with Le Centre D’art a developed build the Centre Numerique (Digital Center) where FotoKonbit is teaching photography classes.  



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