FotoKonbit is a non-profit organization that teaches photography to youth and adults in Haiti and Miami with the goal of inspiring Haitians to tell their own stories through photography. Since 2010, FotoKonbit has worked with more than one hundred students from ten different communities in both rural and urban Haiti, youth and adults in Miami and a group of Haitian teenagers in Brooklyn. FotoKonbit often partners with established organizations who have extensive knowledge of the communities they serve.  

The locations we have worked include; Camp Perrin, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Cap-Haitian, Labadie, Deschapelles, Miami, Brooklyn and the Dominican Republic. In some locations we have produced intensive photography workshops and in other locations we have taught photography classes for many years. In all locations we provide mentorship and career development to interested students. Students and participants who have the desire to become professional photographers become “members”. FotoKonbit sells prints for students with the profit going back to the photographer. Some students have paid for their education through print sales. FotoKonbit also actively seeks work and educational opportunities for members and annually grants support for personal photography projects. 

FotoKonbit projects have included; working with displaced victims of the 2010 earthquake, a photographic exchange between Haitian and Dominicans, creating postcards with photos made by Labadie workshop participants to be sold at Haiti’s only cruise port, a photographic exchange between Port-au-Prince youth and recent Haitian immigrants in Brooklyn and workshops that included local historical education in Jacmel and Cap Haitian. 

In 2015 FotoKonbit partnered with Le Centre d’art in Port-au-Prince to establish Le Centre Numérique, a digital art center. Upon completion of construction, FotoKonbit created programming that included a nine month intensive photo course, a “FotoSalon” open to any photographer in Haiti, a film series, guest lectures and other visual arts courses. 

The work of of FotoKonbit students has been published in both online and print media in the United States and Europe and in 2015, National Geographic Magazine published “Showing Haiti on Its Own Terms” a story completely illustrated by FotoKonbit photographs. This was an incredible honor for FotoKonbit as it was the first time the magazine had ever commissioned local and “non-professional” photographers. FotoKonbit has had exhibitions in Port-au-Prince, Miami, New Jersey, Houston and Paris and we have a permanent exhibition wall at the Port-au-Prince airport.