Last class of the school year for our Zoranje class!

FotoKonbit event at MOCA in Miami on May 1st- first day of Haitian Heritage Month!


Laura, Stephanie, Emerson and Cristania photograph in Jacmel.

We are now working with a new group in Jacmel. Fokal sponsored our first workshop with these children and we worked on documenting and learning about the historic district of the city during our first workshop. A selection of these images were exhibited in Jacmel this past weekend to celebrate Jacmel being added to the World Monument Fund’s watch list this year. Here are a few pictures of both the children and the exhibition. The children’s images will be posted on our website soon and the exhibition will move to Fokal this week.

Laura, Stephanie, Emerson and Cristania photograph in Jacmel.

Michèle Pierre-Louis, from Fokal (and former Prime Minister of Haiti) looks at the exhibition with Axelle Liautaud.

Each photographer had three prints hanging in the show. Darry was asked which of his three photographs was his favorite in an interview with Fréro Pierre from the Cine Institute.

Stephanie, Christania, Laura, Odaline, Darry and Emerson


FotoKonbit travels to the Domincan Republic

My name is Smith Neuvieme, I’m 29 and I am a student / member of Fotokonbit since 2010. I live in Camp Perrin, in the southern region of the country, I am a tourist guide and a photographer. The week of July 28, 2012 I was in Santo Domingo with Fotokonbit, we were invited by El Centro de Imagen. We had been invited to take pictures as Haitians in Santo Domingo, to show our perception of similarities and deferences between both countries. Four Dominicans had been to Port-au-Prince a month earlier for 4 days to do the same thing, they photographed Port-au-Prince as Dominicans to show their views. These photographs will be part of an exhibition in September called “Similarities and Differences” at the photo festival called Foto Imagen.

It was my first experience in another country, we spent three days taking pictures of different neighborhoods,  I learned more about photography and for me it was an experience that has changed my perception of Santo Domingo.

A dream realized.

Smith Neuvieme
student / member Fotokonbit
Camp Perrin, Haiti in 2012

(translated from French to English)

Smith with children at the TU, MUJER center in Las Minas

Smith in Santo Domingo

Smith with Carlos Acero Ruiz and Francisco Rodriguez at the Cento de Imagen

Labadie workshop

This month FotoKonbit worked with a new group in the northern fishing village of Labadie. The thirteen participants were adults between the ages of 24 and 40. The participants made photos with both digital and Holga cameras.

We will be developing the film in Miami next month but a selection of some of the digital images produced by the participants are up on our website.

We are currently printing Labadie images for a new summer exhibition at the Port-au-Prince airport. We are also making selections for the postcards and gift cards that will be available in Haiti and the states later this summer!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped support our Kickstarter campaign! We could not have produced this workshop without you.

Here are a few images from the Labadie workshop.

Fritznel using holga

Labadie (left) Smithon Charitable (right) Charline Mémé

Fritznel Charitable